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Drive the digital transformation all across your organization

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with Polytex’s new, digital workwear management experience.

Experience the future of workwear management with Polytex Pro - your reliable, automated workwear dispensing and return solution. Drive high operational efficiency with a hands-free hygienic process, accurate usage tracking, and lower costs per employee.

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World leaders in digital workwear management solutions

High Speed Dispensing

Eliminates employee queues with an average dispensing speed of 6 seconds per item.

Optimized Storage Capacity and Variety

Smart cell configuration and flexible dispensing mechanism enables high-capacity storage for up to 1200 garments with up to 96 item variations.

Simple User Authentication

Polytex offers flexible user authentication methods, including swipe card, and contactless tap with an intuitive 15” multilingual touchscreen.

Robotic Process Automation

Polytex machines contain a highly accurate robotic mechanism that can identify and grip a wide range of loose or packaged items.

Easy-to-access Machine Maintenance Panel

An easily accessed, secure side panel makes technical maintenance simple while protecting against tampering or vandalism by unauthorized personnel.

Industry-standard Protocols

Polytex solutions meet the highest international standards; fully complying with data privacy regulations, and health, safety, and environmental protection.

Simpler. Faster. Safer.
Go truly digital with your full cycle workwear logistics solutions

Watch our new line of products and solutions in action. See how you can benefit, from better security, data and performance of your workwear management units.

A full Cycle of digital Solutions.
Finalize your digital transformation

Our all new set of complementary products are all you need to turn your garment management into a completely digital experience.

Total care manager - New release, version 8

Total Care Manager

Increase efficiency with a fully automated workwear management system and create an optimized digital customer experience for your employees. Gain real-time data on garment usage, stock levels, and operational KPIs with Polytex’s Total Care Dashboard.

Improve operational performance with real-time actionable alerts and up-to-date reports. Your secure, GDPR-compliant Total Care Manager can be accessed at any time on any device. Expand your system capabilities with seamless integration to external systems including ERP applications.

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Dispensing & Return Units

A range of convenient dispensing and return units enable you to maximize your workwear management. Dispensing units offer high capacity, fast throughput with a low physical footprint. With up to 96 item variations and 1200 item capacity, Polytex dispensing units include fully customizable storage cells, adjustable by item type, size, and color.

Provide your employees with a seamless workwear return process with four possible return units, each one suitable for a different environment. From a full-size high-volume unit to wall mounted site-specific unit, Polytex offers the solution for any workplace.

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Garment Tracker

Streamline your garment tracking with Polytex RFID garment tracking solutions. Now you can generate real-time data for each stage of the workwear management process with high accuracy. Polytex Garment Tracking solution supports both HF and UHF tags, and is fully customizable to meet any operational requirement and scale.

Polytex Garment Tracker allows you to track laundry wash cycles, reduce loss and theft, ensure ESD compliance, and control laundry service costs. Integrate the Polytex Garment Tracker solution with the Total Care Manager system to gain full control over your workwear operations, including identifying available items based on type, size, and popularity.

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Fully Secured
Upholding our new line of products to the highest industry standards

  • a.i.c.p.a s.o.c
  • c.e
  • g.d.p.r
  • i.s.o 27001

Technological innovation:
We’ve packed so much in our new line of products

  • Embracing technological innovation fuels long-term business sustainability by cutting costs and increasing efficiency.
  • Robotic process automation replaces human activity with digital interactions and processes, reducing errors made by employees performing manual tasks such as data entry and inventory audits.
  • Polytex RPA software and hardware mechanisms increase productivity by performing manual tasks without any downtime and allow personnel to be assigned to other more valuable and productive tasks.
  • The digital user interface on each unit and Total Care Manager Dashboard creates a consistent and reliable experience for all user processes and workflows.
  • Workflow processes are streamlined across multiple activities and operational systems with Polytex’s process-driven digital transformation technologies.
  • Reduce operational costs with automated item tracking, inventory control, auditing of purchasing costs, and actionable usage data.
  • All Polytex systems boast secure built-in cloud connectivity. With remote updates, your system is always fully compliant with the highest data security standards.
  • The Polytex cloud platform seamlessly integrates your on-site dispensing and return units, laundry services, and site management.
  • Polytex complies with ISO-27001, SOC-2 security requirements, and GDPR. Our systems are UL & CB marked conforming to EU standards for health, safety, and environmental safety.

Digitally transform your workwear management with Polytex today

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